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Mejorar vidas con energía sostenible y competitiva


Predominant Topic

TGI creates and provides comprehensive “Midstream” low emission1 hydrocarbon solutions for large users, producers and developers of energy markets, connecting sources with consumption centers through long-term relationships and capital-intensive businesses.

1. Low-emission hydrocarbons: natural gas and possibly LPG and/or biogas, and other gases in the future: hydrogen, etc

Value Proposition

TGI’s strategy to add value for different stakeholders is based on 3 elements:


  • INFRAESTRUCTURE: Operate and develop infrastructure for low-emission hydrocarbons independently and with world-class standards in terms of efficiency, reliability, comprehensiveness and sustainability.
  • MIDSTREAM: Coordinate comprehensive solutions to connect sources and consumption centers.
    • Provide midstream services - gas transport, LNG and other services for producers and importers.
    • Focus on businesses that drive the demand of natural gas for large users in major cities, industries and electricity generators, using TGl's transporting capabilities as leverage.
  • INOVATION: In line with the strategy of Grupo Energia Bogota, develop
    innovative solutions that contribute to energy transition and make the operation more efficient.


In 2027, TGI will be a leading midstream company in Colombia with presence in Latin America, focused on operational efficiency, sustainability, innovation, and the development of new businesses.

At TGI we base our strategy on 5 pillars:

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