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Ethical Channel

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Canal Ético:


It is the instrument through which Transportadora de Gas Internacional S.A. ESP, hereinafter TGI, guarantees the right that all shareholders, administrators, associates, contractors and other stakeholders have to report situations that may eventually be classified as alleged fraud and/or corruption events or unethical conducts at TGI, with the purpose of managing and conducting corporate businesses in a transparent and sustainable manner. In addition, such Channel allows submitting queries that seek to solve ethical dilemmas, under the premise that the Channel is confidential, safe and reliable. Its administration is carried out by an independent third-party expert in the matter.

  • Detecting, by means of reports, the existence, at TGI, of alleged fraud and/or corruption events or conducts that may infringe the ethics, legality and rules that govern the company.
  • Investigating, once the corresponding Preliminary Verification takes place, every conduct from which it can be established that allegedly corresponds to an event of fraud or corruption or that infringes the corporate ethics of TGI.
  • Solve the queries on ethical dilemmas submitted through the Channel.
  • Repairing or mitigating the risks detected through verifications or investigations carried out based on the reports made via the Ethical Channel.
  • Implementing preventive measures, in accordance with the risks evinced in the verifications or investigations carried out based on the reports made through the Channel.

Colombia: 01 800 518 9191

Website:  Click here to make a report



Any administrator, associate, shareholder, third-party of TGI or citizen has the right to make reports and queries through the Channel.

The report can be anonymous. However, if it is not made anonymously, TGI will always guarantee the identity protection of the Channel users as well as the confidentiality of the information contained in the report or query, with the purpose of avoiding any kind of retaliation.

Given the fact that the Internal Control and Anti-fraud and Anti-corruption Policy is aimed at fighting every fraud and/or corruption event, any event or conduct related to alleged fraud and/or corruption event or unethical conduct can be reported through the Ethical Channel. 

Moreover, queries on ethical dilemmas can also be made.

It is important to provide as much information as possible as well as evidence to facilitate the verification process.

The activities to transmit and spread unfounded rumors, the submission of deliberately false or misleading information or reports shall not be subjected to follow-up nor revision.

When making a report or query through the Channel, a filling number will be assigned to the person making the report or query; said person should create a password to follow-up or expand on the report or query.

TGI will inform you on the result obtained from the preliminary verifications or investigations carried out, or the answer to your query, through the same means.

Manual Usuario Canal Ético TGI 

5. M-GEG-012 Canal Etico TGI User Manual Rev 1.pdf

Manual Aplicativo PWC Canal Ético TGI 

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